Database Search Help

Searching Local or Online Databases

Search 1: When I try to search PubMed or the Web of Science in EndNote using a connection file I get "No Matching References Found" when I know it should return some results or I get a time-out error message after two minutes. My computer uses a proxy server. How can I fix this?

Search 2: I always get a "Host refused connection" error when I try to use EndNote to search any remote database (even with those that do not require a subscription, such as Library of Congress), or the connection always times out. My computer is behind a firewall. How can I fix this?

Search 3: I'm getting a 12007 connection error (or any error in the 12xxx range), how can I resolve this?

Search 4: When searching inside of EndNote, my library is importing all the search results automatically. Is it possible to modify this behavior?

Search 5: How can I get the best results from the "Find Full Text" option in EndNote and later?