FAQs: EndNote

Working With Word Processors / CWYW

CWYW 1: After installing EndNote and opening Microsoft Word, I do not see the EndNote toolbar or commands under the Tools menu. How can I fix this?

CWYW 2: What versions of Microsoft Word, and other word processors is EndNote compatible with?

CWYW 3: Resetting Word preferences.

CWYW 4: How do I exclude the author or year from my citations?

CWYW 5: Instead of seeing my regular citations, I'm seeing strange code, which looks something like { ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Year>... What can I do to fix this?

CWYW 6: When I try to use the EndNote tools in a word processor I get an error message that says "Invalid Class String". How can I fix this?

CWYW 7: After using Track Changes in my document, the document won't format properly, or I'm getting errors with the tools in this document, such as "Command Failed". What can I do to resolve this?

CWYW 8: My cursor jumps around when inserting citations or formatting the bibliography, or I'm having problems using the tools in my document and suspect the problem has to do with the field codes. How can I clean up field codes in my document?

CWYW 9: I'm getting a dialog box that says "EndNote Select Matching Reference". What does this mean and how do I resolve this?

CWYW 10: I've made changes to the references in my library, but those changes aren't reflected in my document. How can I correct this?

CWYW 11: I've typed changes into my citations or in the bibliography directly in the word processing document, but the changes are overwritten by the EndNote program. How can I resolve this?

CWYW 12: My numbered citations are not starting with number 1, even though I'm using a style that sorts the citations in the order of appearance. How can I resolve this?

CWYW 13: My document is showing the abstract in the bibliography, but I don't want the abstract to be present. How can I correct this?

CWYW 14: When I insert citations into my document, they go away immediately, but the reference list is generated at the end of the document. What happened to my citations, and how can I get them back?

CWYW 15: If I've removed the field codes, is there a way to return them?

CWYW 16: How do I double-space or single-space my bibliography, or change the font for the bibliography?

CWYW 17: Can I have EndNote automatically open and close when I open or close Word?

CWYW 18: If I start a document using EndNote online, can I continue working with the document using the EndNote desktop program?

CWYW 19: How can I get the Windows EndNote CWYW commands to appear in Microsoft Word?

CWYW 20: How can I create chapter bibliographies with EndNote?

CWYW 21: How can I convert a word document from Reference Manager and convert the database and maintain the RefIDs?

CWYW 22: How can I convert a word document from ProCite and convert the database and maintain the RefIDs?

CWYW 23: I have changed my output style from the EndNote program, but the style in my paper keeps reverting to Annotated or some other style I did not choose. How can I correct this?

CWYW 24: In Word, I only see the EndNote online tools. How do I get the EndNote desktop tools to appear?

CWYW 25: I would like to transfer a document from Pages to Word or from Word to Pages How can I do this?

CWYW 26: What are some of the issues I will encounter using EndNote with Pages?

CWYW 27: I had the EndNote tools in Word, but they are now missing. How can I get them back?