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Use these filters to transfer information previously downloaded from an online database.

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Information Provider Databasesort descending Date
CSA Criminology 2012-06-20 Download
EBSCO CRN Proprietary 2009-11-16 Download
EBSCO CrossRef 2009-11-16 Download
EBSCO Current Abstracts 2009-11-16 Download
DataStar Current Contents 2008-09-26 Download
OvidSP Current Contents 2010-11-10 Download
INIST Current Contents 2007-07-20 Download
Thomson Scientific Current Contents Connect 2009-02-26 Download
Dialog Current Contents Search (File 440) 2012-02-24 Download
EBSCO Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness 2009-11-16 Download
OCLC DataTimes 2011-01-05 Download
OvidSP Derwent Drug File 2009-09-14 Download
Thomson Scientific Derwent Innovation 2017-07-17 Download
Dialog Derwent World Patents Index (File 331) 2010-10-21 Download
CSA Design Abstracts Retro 2012-06-20 Download
CSA Design and Applied Arts Index 2012-06-20 Download
CSA Design ProFILES 2012-06-20 Download
DataStar DH-DATA 2008-09-26 Download
Dialog Dialog Global Reporter (File 20) 2010-10-19 Download
HBZ DigiBib 2009-09-16 Download
Virtual Health Library Disaster Documentation Center Collection 2006-02-16 Download
OvidSP Dissertation Abstracts 2010-10-25 Download
CAS Dissertation Abstracts 2010-10-25 Download
Dialog Dissertation Abstracts (File 35) 2010-10-25 Download
OvidSP Drug Information 2009-09-14 Download